MUDPUPS by Wendy Hodgson 

In 2011, Wendy, originally trained as a potter, merged her love of large hand-building with her love of dogs by creating her own dogs in clay, then friends’ dogs and that was the start of MudPups.

As a detail-driven sculptor, she began with study photography, research anatomy, colouring and mannerisms to capture the unique personality of her "models". Each sculpture is unique and is hand-shaped, stained and fired at her home studio in Queensland.  Having now won a number of awards, she is always working through a long list of commissions, many of which are sent overseas. 

Each custom sculpture comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Wendy regularly donates her sculptures to Airedale and Terrier rescue and life assistance organisations, here in Australia and overseas – she calculates that 25% of her work is donated to dog rescues and auctions benefiting dog owners in need.

Wendy was at the event 2018, quietly sculpting her beloved animals.



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