Don’t go too far looking for happiness” is the theme of this 100 year-old German table runner, an heirloom of Gympie’s Kath family.

“I remember this table runner from my childhood in the 1950’s, lying on a chest of drawers. It probably was a wedding present for my mother, possibly coming from the household of her grandfather who was a captain on a sailing ship on the Baltic Sea. It came with us when we migrated to Australia in 1960.

I came across it last year in a bag of discarded household linen. I wanted to make a table runner for my daughter, and decided I might restore it instead. A lot of the stitching had become undone but the flower pattern and the writing was still intact.

Once I started, I soon realised that I would have to go over pretty much everything. Luckily I found exactly the shade of red that had been used. Some stains had to be cut out and replaced with tiny patches of material. Frayed edges had to be cut off and cotton lace was attached to bring it up to its original size.

The inscription:  Such das Glück nicht zu weit. Es liegt in der Häuslichkeit. Meaning: Don’t go too far looking for Happiness. You will find it in Domestic Bliss.Old fashioned, but still relevant!”

Heidi Kath