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Gympie Rotary’s Quilt & Craft Spectacular is looking for authentic makers and craftsmen of ancient crafts and rare trades to form a major collective expo at this year's Quilt & Craft Spectacular. Once the backbone to building our country, our heritage and integral to our daily lives and communities, many of these arts have been lost to history, fallen by the wayside in the wake of new technology and mass production. We invite potential exhibitors/ demonstrators to register their interest in showcasing their skills and sharing the traditions, the skills, the secrets passed down through the generations. Contact: or phone 0409 621 232.


The mission:

– to inspire, educate and excite;

– to preserve age-old traditions, skills and centuries of knowledge;

– to encourage people to discover and pursue traditional trades, to create and craft with their own hands and passion.

– to foster a love of the traditional skills that our communities and heritage are founded in.


Please contact us:

Authentic: Blacksmiths, Carvers; Ceramicists; Chair Makers; Chandlers; Corn Dollie Makers; Cricket Bat Makers; Fly Rod Makers; Leadlighters; Leather Workers; Milliners; Tinsmiths; More….  Contact: or phone 0409 621 232.


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