ABC Landline’s “Quilt of Memories” was a very special exhibit at the Quilt & Craft Spectacular 2021!

364 individual squares, created by sewers, knitters, embroiderers, felters and more from around Australia contributed to make this massive celebratory quilt to commemorate ABC Landline’s 30th birthday

In March 2021, Landline celebrated 30 years on air with a special program highlighting the stories and characters of their past 3 decades. They invited their audience to help contribute to this milestone year by asking the sewers, knitters, embroiderers and felters of Australia to help create a Landline quilt.

The theme was simple: Life on the Land. It takes time to muster the inspiration and then turn ideas into a neat square. Slowly at first, but then a tide of submissions began arriving daily – sewn, knit, crocheted, embroidered, felted, even feathered, each fabric square captured a memory, a story in a 15cm square.

364 squares were submitted. They came from all over Australia – farms, remote properties, towns and cities and they’re much more than just squares of fabric. Most have a story to tell, about their life, their memories, and what life on the land means to them.

There were too many for a single quilt, so it took the form of a triptych – finished size 4.5m long x 2m high. To create the quilt topping, teams of sewers were allocated shifts of 4 to 6 hours a day and night to bring it to life. It took up to 45 minutes to hand stitch each of the 364 squares = 273 hours, or 34 x 8 hour days.

It’s a time capsule treasure, memories and emotions of hundreds and a tribute from the loyal Landline audience.