This year, the event will include the inaugural “Ancient Craft, Rare Trades” – a collective expo which will feature incredible artisans and authentic makers of age-old workshop trades, rare field and household crafts. This expo aims to inspire, educate and excite; to preserve traditional skills, passed on through centuries of knowledge; to encourage people to pursue traditional trades, created and crafted with their own hands and passion.


Come along and marvel at the craftsmanship, share the knowledge, experience and enjoy reliving some of these ancient crafts and rare trades that were the foundation and cornerstones of our communities and our heritage.



Here's just a taste – we'll be updating this list regularly!


Gympie & District Woodworkers Club – all weekend, the “woodies” will demonstrate many aspects of woodworking, from age-old  pyrography, woodturning and scrolling to handcarving and spoonsmithing. On show will be all manner of wooden treasures, from little “comfort birds” to guitar, harps and more.


Deirdre Wilson – as one of the “woodies”, spooner Deirdre Wilson handcarves intricate and detailed Welsh Love Spoons. A centuries old tradition in Wales, young men used to lovingly carve a love spoon to give to their beaus, carving symbols of love; hearts; Celtic knots; bells; and horseshoes.


Lacemakers – with it's exact origin in dispute, historians at least agree that the late 16th century marked a rapid development in lacemaking, when lace came into it's own, dominating trendes in both fashion and home decor. The Fraser Coast Lacemakers will exhibit and demonstrate this exquisite art form – they will be happy to answer your questions, and show their skills!


Bookbinder – Master Photographer Australian Institute of Professional Photography and owner of Eye on Photography, Jan Ramsay presents her award-winning photographic collections in beautiful hand-bound books that she personnally designs and lovingly creates… works of art in themselves. On display will be a selection of these wonderful hand-crafted albums, with a chance to meet the maker.


Wild Baskets – Judy Wolski takes something hated, and turns it into something loved – pesky weeds and vines (with Morning Glory as a stand-out favourite) become beautiful material for weaving gloriously creative baskets – throw in some grasses and dead leaves, and you have an artpiece.


Vintage Toymaker – a huge – huge! – collection of vintage metal memorabilia, including handforged toys, gadgets & gizmos, signs etc from renowned classic car enthusiast/ blacksmith/ welder and collector, Jim Walsh.