Oops! Running a little late with this update, sorry!! Thanks for the many comments on our first newsletter, sent at the end of February as a general reminder of the great exhibits that are planned for Gympie Rotary’s Quilt & Craft Spectacular, October 30-31, 2021 – now just under 7 months to go… and that is flying by! With more artisan and guest exhibits, more craft and more markets than ever before, it is going to be a bumper show!! 

Bus Groups

We’ve had calls from several groups who are starting to plan their bus trips. Please let us know if you are getting a group together, we can add you to the list, keep you in the loop and liaise about fast-tracking your group’s event entry. There’s plenty of room for buses to park, but it would be handy to have a rough idea of numbers of buses to expect. And here’s a tip: Sundays are traditionally less busy than Saturdays…. 

Three co-events, all for one ticket price of $8 per person per day:

1. Gympie Rotary’s Quilt & Craft Spectacular, October 30 – 31,2021, in the Pavilion Gympie www.quiltandcraft.org

2. Gympie Rotary’s “Ancient Crafts, Rare Trades” Expo, October 30 – 31, 2021, beside the Pavilion, in the Stadium and Showgrounds, Gympie www.ancientcrafts.org
Now – the Gympie Rotary’s Quilt & Craft Spectacular info and highlights etc can be found on our website www.quiltandcraft.org and the February update. So in this letter, I thought I’d make sure you know about our “Ancient Crafts, Rare Trades” Expo that runs alongside the Quilt & Craft event. Same dates, October 30 – 31, 2021, held beside the Pavilion in the stadium and showgrounds. It came into being in 2018, as a way to keep the menfolk amused to allow the womenfolk more time to enjoy the exhibits, take in the atmosphere, browse the markets, have a few chats and enjoy. But WOW! The inaugural “Ancient Crafts, Rare Trades” Expo was a huge success, enjoyed by all – we Rotarians were kept on the hop! (That’s hop, as in busy, not hops, as in alcohol – in which many of us would have gratefully indulged!) 
Below is a brief look at some of the heritage artisans who will be waiting to meet you, share their knowledge and inspire you with their passion. Please pass this on to likeminded craftspeople:) More details on website www.ancientcrafts.org

3. Craft Beer Open Door, presented by Gympie Rotary Club, October 30 – 31, 2021, in the Pavilion Gympie
Speaking of hops, the Craft Beer Open Door will be open during the expo, in the Pavilion, inviting you to come in, relax in air conditioned comfort, experience and discover some new brews and enjoy the camaraderie. There’s tasting paddles, tasting notes and more. www.ancientcrafts.org/about-the-ancient-crafts-event/

Read on!

Please enjoy reading below – it looks like I have been overly verbose again, but it’s mostly pictures…. so grab a cuppa or a wine and keep scrolling down for an Item of Special Interest & Inspiration!

A brief preview of the Gympie Rotary’s “Ancient Crafts, Rare Trades” Expo, October 30-31,  2021:


Item of Interest & Inspiration:

First: Wendy Tame of the Buderim Cottage Patchwork group, responded to the February update’s story on Underground Railroad Quilts. In the mid-1800s in America, secret codes and symbols were sewn into quilts as part of the design, each block conveying a secret message signalling a specific action for a runaway slave to take – slaves who were fleeing from cruel owners in southern plantations, to find freedom in the north (see our February update for more, or email me on admin@quiltandcraft.org).

Wendy is also fascinated with the story of the Underground Railroad quilts, and has made a quilt featuring all the blocks that contain secret codes. Pics below –  with a story on the back. This quilt will be on display at the event, fingers crossed! Make sure to keep an eye out for it.
Thanks, Wendy!


Looking for Inspiration?… this is quirky!:
This is surely the most delicate of lacework…. or is it?

These are all photographs (micro-photography) of human cells. Amazing, aren’t we? human cells under microscope – Great design, great colour combinations!


If you have a quirky, historic or “Item of Special Interest & Inspiration”, relevant to any craft, or have projects you’ve been working on – or are currently working on – for this year’s Quilt & Craft Spectacular that you’d like to share in our upcoming Updates – I’ll do my best to include them! 

With thanks to major sponsors Carbatec, Bendigo Bank and Gympie Regional Council and others.