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Claudia Kruppel, owner of Plant Presents, creates beautiful terrariums, kokedamas and amazing centrepieces, each piece lovingly and individually crafted. Always exploring and excited by new finds, you never know what she will come up with next – the range now even extends to include delicate succulent jewellery, much in demand for private and corporate occasions, and massive arrangements that can only be described as “green chandeliers”.

From small beginnings – a terrarium given to a colleague in their corporate office block as a bit of life in a grey environment – Claudia eventually opted for a green life and Plant Presents was born.

The business grew as prolifically as her plants, and has recently been mentioned in Brisbane’s Style Magazines as one of the 10 best places for terrariums. It has also been mentioned in Bridal Magazines and has provided customised centrepieces for an event by Cricket Queensland at the Government House in Brisbane.

All this is no surprise – her creativity is fertilised with her passion for all things green. Each living landscape she creates, from tiny to huge, has it’s own story to tell, sometimes with little hidden surprises – some petrified wood, a gnarled piece of driftwood, a thin slice of spiralling seashell, a twisted bonsai – inspiring a theme from lush desert oasis to seascapes, rocky woodlands and peaceful japanese gardens.

Claudia gives sold out workshops – it’s hard not to catch her passion! 


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