Hello, I’m pleased to be invited to teach you about recycling rags to make rugs. They are not quick projects, but very satisfying. I began making braided rugs about 10 years ago, when I had more old t-shirts than I needed for rags. Since then, I have experimented with a variety of fabrics and techniques. My preferred fabric is plain t-shirt cotton because it does not fray, and rolls nicely when cut in strips.  However, it is stretchy; woven fabric makes a firmer rug.  My designs are mostly simple oval spirals, but lately I have been making a basic labyrinth. I will explain how this is made, but your first rug should be a simple circle or oval.

Deirdre Casparian


Date: Saturday November 3, your choice of either 10am – 12 noon or 2pm – 4pm

Project: In this class you will learn braiding and knotting techniques for rug making. Braided rugs can be either laced after braiding or woven as you braid. You will make samples of these to take home. I will demonstrate how to prepare and join the fabric strips. I will show you how to make your own very large needles.

You will begin your own rug, using the materials and technique of your choice, to be finished at your leisure.

Cost:  $35 – there will be enough fabric supplied so that every person can try out using different fabric, tools and techniques before choosing their own to begin. Maximum number 10 per class.

What to bring: Scissors; your LARGEST blunt needles (if you have any); old t-shirts or sheets that you want to incorporate into your rug.




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