A “fidget” or “activity” quilt – sensory lap quilt – is described as a small lap quilt that provides sensory and tactile stimulation through the use of fabrics, colours, textures and simple embellishments such as pockets, laces, trims,  appliques, buttons, secured beads, ribbons, braids etc. Mainly for use by dementia patients,  they are also said to be calming, soothing and therapeutic.



To create a “fidget” or sensory lap quilt for dementia patients, in accordance with the guidelines. After the event, the Rotary Club of Gympie will be donating the entry quilts to approved, participating Aged Care facilities – all entries in the Sensory Lap Quilt Challenge will become the property of the Aged Care Facility.



Size: Finished quilts should be lap size, either square or rectangular – approximately 45×45cm. Quilts must be durable and washable. All embellishments must be securely attached. 



Front: Either patchwork pieced with a variety of sensory fabrics (velvet, corduroy, silk, tulle, fake fur, suede, wool, knits, chenille, tapestry, fleece, blue jeans, terry cloth etc) or a solid fabric with other fabrics and embellishments appliquéd to it. Appliquéd items must be very securely attached. Items may be topstitched on or can be encased in a seam. Double or triple stitch all attachments. Allow part of the attachment to be free, such as loops of ribbons, etc.

Embellishments: Buttons attached or with button holes on flaps, zippers, buckles, ribbons, shoelaces, beads, beads on a string, lace, yarn, netting, fake fur, tulle, rick rack, bells, tassels, fabric in different textures (hessian, velvet etc) – pockets, braids, pom poms and more – nothing sharp. All elements must be washable. Suggestions for men: keys, keyrings, pockets, zippers, ties

Padding: Batting or stabilising pellets to ensure the lap quilt is not too floppy

Back: Non-slip fabric (flannel, fleece, minky, corduroy)




A number of prizes will be allocated to those judged the most effective. Quilts will be judged on effectiveness, not technical proficiency. 



We will arrange pick-ups (dates TBA) from: Queensland Quilters; Wallace House, Noosa; Patchwork Angel, Buderim; Patchwork on Pallas, Maryborough; the Gold Coast (venue TBA); and Gympie from Patchwork Factory, Ray St Gympie, as per quilt entries. Alternatively, please deliver your entries to the Pavilion, 77 Exhibition Rd, Gympie before 2pm to ensure your entry is judged – judging takes place after 2pm on Friday November 2, 2018.



Please download, email or call 0409 621 232, and please attach an entry form with your Sensory Lap Quilts… have fun and thank you!!